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From PONEMON 2014 SURVEY of 1083 IT and IT Security personnel in US and EMEA countries

-An average of 35 percent of all cyber attacks are undetected.

-Eighty-six percent of respondents say detection of a cyber attack takes too long and 85 percent say there is little or no prioritization of incidents.

-Forty percent of respondents say their security products do not support the import of threat intelligence from other sources.

-Fifty-five percent of respondents do not believe their security team has sufficient skills to investigate and remediate a security incident.

-Thirty-eight percent of respondents say it could take a year to know the root cause of a cyber attack and 41 percent of respondents say their organizations will never know with certainty the root cause.

-Eighty-six percent of respondents rate the investigation of mobile devices as difficult.

-Fifty-nine percent of respondents say they are not able to conduct investigation on mobile devices in response to e-discovery requests or they are unsure. In the case of being able to locate sensitive data on mobile devices, 54 percent say they are not able to or are unsure.

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